The Day Before Graduation
The Day Before Graduation

The Day Before Graduation


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The Day Before Graduation

In the pre-graduation days, let's restore classic student scenes. The brain is very open and you need to raise your brain to pass different exciting levels. Exclusively for everyone of school age!

Do you remember the days before graduation? This game recreates all the classic scenes of school days, full of memories and tension!

Direct instruction for everyone:
1. Click on the boy in the lower bunk.
2. Take a broom, dig the clothes under the bed, then move the broom to the ground to sweep the clothes under the bed.
3. Take the blue tooth cup next to the sink, open the door, move the tooth cup towards the door, and reinstall the tooth cup.
4. Click on the darker place in the middle of the grass, get glue, pour the glue from earlier on the grass, click on the grass to make the boy invisible.
5. Click on the chef's hat and catch a cockroach, move the cockroaches to the cakes to scare them away, and then give the chef money to make the spicy cakes!
6. Go to the right side of the screen to pick up the coin, use the coin to buy Coke from the vending machine, throw it to the girl upstairs and then climb up after she's gone.
7. Take a pencil in your pocket and draw the boy. Pay attention to the teacher, if there is an exclamation mark on the teacher's head, stop drawing. Let's repeat draw a complete picture and pass! Let's share these levels first, and we'll count on everyone's brains behind!

Playing the day before graduation game free online support all smartphones or tablets, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and android system.