Crazy Clay
Crazy Clay

Crazy Clay


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Crazy Clay


This is a fun link and link game. There are a lot of cute sticky monsters here. Connect the same sticky monsters. The more you connect, the higher the score. Let's challenge together!

For the game similar to the game, we need to select the same small animals to eliminate. Each level has a different killing mission. We have to complete the game according to the elimination mission to pass the level~ There is also a limit on the number of elimination steps. We need to complete the task within the specified number of steps to be considered pass. If you use all the steps and still haven't completed all the levels, the game is considered failed. The difficulty of this game is simple. As long as animals of the same type can connect with each other, they can be eliminated. Difficulty is reduced. However, it should be noted that at least three can be eliminated. The more you remove at once, the more rewards you will get. Moreover, there will be more props!

Playing crazy clay free online game support all smartphones or tablets, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and android system.