Kingdom Defense Chaos Time
Kingdom Defense Chaos Time

Kingdom Defense Chaos Time


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Kingdom Defense Chaos Time


Defend your castle with wizards, ghosts, demons and many monsters in Kingdom Defense, an engaging Castle defense game. Discover 5 different castles, 15 types of monsters, +50 different levels and many features. Improve your 4 general skills by 6 times and become invincible. You will encounter more challenging monsters in every level. You will earn gold for every monster you kill. With the gold you earn, you can improve your castle or build new castles.

5 different types of castles (Up to 6 Floor development)15 types of monsters, ghosts and demons,24 Types of upgrades4 General SkillsPlay the free Kingdom Defense Chaos Time game now for 50 Different Levels and more features!

Drag the castle to the area where you will drop it with the mouse or touch.

Playing kingdom defense chaos time free online game support all smartphones or tablets, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and android system.