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PopStar Mania

PopStar Mania


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PopStar Mania


The classic puzzle game of 2022-PopStar Mania. Once you pop, you can't stop! Tap on two or more adjacent blocks to destroy them. An exciting game with cool Effects. It is good casual game to kill time, reduce pressure and train brain for all ages.

Bomb: Blow up 3X3 stars; Brush: Change the star color; Reset: Randomly swap all star positions; It’s easy to get started, but difficult to master. This is a very challenging game with rich challenges; PopStar Mania is a parent-child game, children can also play, the game is suitable for any age;

- Just tap two or more blocks of the same color popping.

- There is no time limit, but each stage has target points to proceed to next stage.

- The more blocks you popping, the more score you will get.

- Try to clear all blocks, you will get a lot of bonus!

Playing popstar mania free online game support all smartphones or tablets, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and android system.