Slings to the Basket
Slings to the Basket

Slings to the Basket


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Slings to the Basket


Slings to the Basket is a puzzle game where you need to slings player from one point to another to get to the basket. You can bounce of the game sides. Avoid obstacles and collect fruits on the road to the baskets. When you are in red points you need to pass that point faster because the point will disappear. Try to pass the level without lose live. This game has 20 levels. Each next level is more harder than previous. Be focused and have fun. You can change the player skin. Select your lucky player and start the game.

Bounce from the game sides to avoid some obstacles or to get to the basket. On red dots move fast to other one, collect more fruits in the level to earn more points.

Tap and slide on the screen to play this game.

Playing slings to the basket free online game support all smartphones or tablets, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and android system.