We're Impostors: Kill Together
We're Impostors: Kill Together

We're Impostors: Kill Together


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We're Impostors: Kill Together


You are a fan of red and blue stickman, you want to be an impostor. We're Impostors is the game for you. Specifically, you will become two Impostors: Red Impostor and Blue Impostor. Your mission is to kill the enemy, rescue teammates from that organization and come home safe. On the way, you will have to cope with a lot of traps like laser traps, lava traps, ice traps... Please note, Red Impostor and Blue Impostor have different skills to knock out different targets. Let's perfectly coordinate together. Besides, you can collect and use a lot of items to easily complete the mission. We're Impostors is a fun and engaging puzzle game. Your mission is simple: Combine 2 impostors to Execute all living crewmates in the spaceship.. No one survived.

⚡️⚡️ Features of We're Impostors Work Together

✔ Various maps and levels being updated frequently

✔ Easy but addictive teamwork game play

✔ Nice characters and design

✔ Smooth control

✔ Multiple game modes.

✔ Vivid characters, bring a real feeling

✔ Teamwork and addictive gameplay

✔ Many beautiful and sophisticated skins and knives

⚡️⚡️ How to play We're Impostors Work Together

✔ Move Red Impostor by arrows and avoid obstacles. Red Impostor must avoid the water while Blue Imposter must avoid the fire.

✔ Let's move close to the crewmate and destroy them.

✔ Use knives to finish off the crew.

✔ Just tap the button "Swap" to change from Red Impostor to Blue Impostor

✔ Collect all diamonds along the way to unlock skins.

Playing we're impostors: kill together free online game support all smartphones or tablets, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and android system.